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APA Practice Directorate launches psychotherapy awareness initiative

Though countless studies show that psychotherapy helps people living with depression and anxiety, drug therapy has become the most popular course of treatment over the past decade. The American Psychological Association (APA) is balancing  that trend with an initiative launched this week by the APA Practice Directorate to educate consumers about psychotherapy’s effectiveness and encourage people to ask their physicians about it as a treatment option. Read More by clicking on: Psychotherapy Awareness Initiative  where you can see the APA literature available to you by calling The Berkeley Institute for Behavioral Health and Psychological Services.   You will also find an entertaining and informative animated video on that page.

Life can take a toll on your mind and body

Death, divorce, job loss, chronic illness — these situations can bring both tremendous stress and distress into your life.  But even daily stressors — the kind you think you can handle — can eventually overwhelm you, throwing your life out of balance and affecting both your psychological and your physical health.  Read More: Life can take a toll on your mind and body


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